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An Evening With Sasha Souza

On April 27, my team was able to attend the ISES Greater Triangle Chapter’s  “an evening with event designer Sasha Souza” in the new Cobblestone Hall ( in downtown Raleigh NC. The evening was complete with great food, a unique venue, wonderful florals, beautiful orange linens and a great speaker. Sasha Souza is one of the premiere event designers and a top innovator in the wedding industry. She is one of only a handful of wedding designers who have been named a Master Bridal Consultant, the highest designation given by the Association of Bridal Consultants. Souza is the recipient of numerous awards including the Special Events Magazine Gala Award winner for Best Dining Tabletop Design, Event Solutions Magazine Designer of the Year and three ISES Westie Awards. She has also been featured in numerous publications.

Sasha’s presentation focused on emerging trends and how she stays up to date on the latest color and event design trends to wow her guests and take their events to the next level. Sasha Souza walked us through what’s hot while providing us with an approachable event design methodology to help make each of our events more successful. After hearing Sasha speak it solidified our long time belief that brides buy “people”.  They are not always going to select a vendor only on their product.  They are emotionally connected to their wedding day and they want to make sure they are surrounding themselves by individuals that have great opinions and attitudes, good experience, creative ideas and most importantly, are going to listen to them and care about personalizing their event to reflect their styles.

Out of all of the overall trends for weddings, there seems to be one underlying message – emotion.  Weddings need to feel good not just look good or taste good.  Many brides and grooms are incorporating memories of the past to include their childhoods and families.  They want approachable design and elements to their event that are not over-the-top and wasteful, but that look great and are tasteful and comfortable.  Sasha reminded all of us as event professionals to focus on personalizing the events we do particularly for weddings. “Really challenge and encourage your brides and grooms to infuse as much of their “favorites” and “memories” as possible.  Doing this keeps their event from being just another wedding and more memorable for their guests.”

All of the case studies Sasha took us through during the evening were from her new book Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design ( just released in January. Although there were many clever ideas shared, one we both liked is how Sasha has begun offering butler passed desserts at her events.

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*Thanks to Kristin Martin, Wedding Specialist at the Westin in Charlotte NC for providing some of the content for this blog.

Buyer Beware – Inexperienced Planners

When looking for planners for your event, the keyword while doing your research is “professional, experience and credentials” to name a few. The following is a recent article that reflects the impacts of unqualified planners in the special events industry. Although it is referring to “Newbie Wedding Planners” the message can apply to anyone that is calling themselves a “planner”.

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Need A New Event Destination?…Check Out Greenville, SC

On a recent business trip to Las Vegas, I was pleased to find a wonderful article that featured this fine city where I am based. I travel a lot and always read the airline publications. It is not unusual to find articles on various cities but what I found so interesting was the amount of coverage they provided. It wasn’t just 2 or 3 pages but a huge spread with wonderful pictures.  The online article doesn’t do it justice so I have found a .pdf version too if you didn’t get to see the spread featured in the US Air 2010 March issue. .  Many of the events we do for clients are in other cities and typically the client has already selected their destination however, in cases where they haven’t Greenville, SC is always at the top of our list for location recommendations for brides and businesses searching for locations to hold their events.  Click here for .pdf of article USAirways_greenville