Need A New Event Destination?…Check Out Greenville, SC

On a recent business trip to Las Vegas, I was pleased to find a wonderful article that featured this fine city where I am based. I travel a lot and always read the airline publications. It is not unusual to find articles on various cities but what I found so interesting was the amount of coverage they provided. It wasn’t just 2 or 3 pages but a huge spread with wonderful pictures.  The online article doesn’t do it justice so I have found a .pdf version too if you didn’t get to see the spread featured in the US Air 2010 March issue. .  Many of the events we do for clients are in other cities and typically the client has already selected their destination however, in cases where they haven’t Greenville, SC is always at the top of our list for location recommendations for brides and businesses searching for locations to hold their events.  Click here for .pdf of article USAirways_greenville

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