We Have Read Your Resume

We have always prided ourselves with being able to respond to each and every inquiry from persons interested in seeking internships and permanent positions with us. However, we have noticed since the economic downturn and the increasing over sensationalism of event planning on shows found on MTV, Lifestyle, WE….we have been inundated with job inquiries at our firm. Historically, we would usually receive maybe 2-4 inquiries per month. Each would be provided with a personal follow up now however, we have been receiving as many as 100+ inquiries per month from Juniors and Seniors in college and professionals recently laid off searching for a new line of work, or those that are thinking about starting their own event planning venture. This influx¬† has resulted in the inability to respond to each one as personally as we use to. We are still reviewing each resume we receive and we do place inquirers information in our file for potential event staff projects and in some cases we have passed resumes to other businesses that may be hiring that we are aware of. We do appreciate so much interest in our company and we wish everyone success in pursuing their passion.

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